17 Midwest Educators to Follow on Twitter

Today, I presented at the Midwest Educational Technology Conference #METC17 where I had the honor to be awarded as a Spotlight Educator. I also had the meaningful experience to present on Engaging Students and Families on Twitter and Instagram and will present again tomorrow on Digital Storytelling with my dear friend Don Goble.

During my Spotlight presentation today, I was brought to tears. I saw current colleagues, former colleagues, personal friends, friends I have networked with on social media, and beyond who attended my session to be there for me. Even my Mom’s fantastic former boss attended my session to cheer me on. While I saw these friendly faces, I was reminded and humbled of how grateful I am to have such a strong support system and network who support me, care about me, and who are always there to lift me up.

Therefore, from inspiration at #METC17, I wanted to share 17 of my friends in the Midwest who you NEED to follow, in no particular order. These are genuine people and educators, inside and out; Learn and grow from them by following them on Twitter.

Click the hyperlink next to the name to go directly to that person’s Twitter profile.
  1. Don Goble – @dgoble2001
  2. Brent Catlett – @catlett1
  3. Sage Arnote- @mrarnote
  4. JP Prezzavento – @jpprezz
  5. Laura Gilchrist – @lauragilchrist4
  6. Julie Smith – @julnilsmith
  7. David Geurin – @davidgeurin
  8. Beth Houf – @bethhouf
  9. Lauren Mertz – @mslaurenmertz
  10. Tina Lauer – @tnalau
  11. Aaron Duff – @education_geek
  12. Christie Scott – @mrsscott503
  13. Mary Kienstra – @beebekienstra
  14. Mindy Southern – @mindysouth
  15. Michelle Dirksen – @mdirksen
  16. Stacey Stubits – @stubits411
  17. Debbie Fucoloro – @debbiefuco

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  1. Kara, thank you so much for including me in this group of amazing Midwest educators! I am honored to be included. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on Digital Storytelling and especially enjoyed spending time with you at the Spotlight Educator awards dinner and reception afterwards. Love your enthusiasm, energy and passion!

  2. Debbie, You are very welcome. You deserve to be highlighted and recognized. Thank you for your compassionate thoughts. I absolutely adored spending time with you, too. You are a good person with such a heart of gold!

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