The Feeling of Empowerment

When is the last time you have felt EMPOWERED?

Empowered to be all you can be? Empowered to learn more? Empowered to be more? Empowered to make take risks with no comprehension of what will happen next?

Some of us may have a person in mind who gives back to others by empowering them to be all they can be. This person could even be yourself. But, what if empowerment in schools was an everyday occurrence? Not something that people talked about, but a feeling that truly resonated in the hearts of our staff members and students.

When people are empowered and trusted to do so, they have the opportunity to change the world for the better.

Our schools are representations of micro-communities within our world. Within these communities, we can choose to empower our students to be apart of the positive change or to be someone who resents it. Our attitudes, our dispositions, and our willpower to impact our school systems will trickle down to our adults and children one way or another. Let us hope our influence makes a positive impression on the youth and for the legacy that we will one day leave behind.

Each student, each teacher, each parent, each leader inside of our school system has an innate ability to make our schools and world better than they left it. But how are we empowering them to do this? We have to remember that although some individuals can be their own role models, many children and adults are rightfully looking to us to see what next steps they should make in life. It is an enormous responsibility that we have in the world of education.

As educators, we are a multitude…

Of roles wrapped into one. Students call us “mom” or “dad” accidentally while parents lovingly call us their saving grace. It is a lot of pressure to take on at times, and the weight can weigh heavily on your shoulders. But, the importance of our work is astounding- It IS making and WILL make an impact.

We dedicated ourselves to the education profession because we have seen the power education has had on us as children and adults. You may have had some of your fondest memories of your childhood at school, or you may not have. Either way, those memories become the catalysts in making the world better than we found it. To give future kids better school experiences than we had.

But, when is the last time you have empowered yourself to live and lead with this vision?

Remember: Education is learning and learning is life. No one ever stops learning or growing, whether they are 5 or 95 years of age. There is always so much to learn and so much yet to know. One who thinks they are an expert on a topic is really just a novice. The world is always changing and so are the people.Therefore, as much as we know in this present moment on any given topic, there will always be more left to inquire about with each passing day.

The most important wisdom we need to hold onto is our why and what has inspired us to be here in this moment.

Trust yourself and why you are here to do the great work that needs to be done. The natural wonder, awe, and beauty that the world lends us, give us the perfect platform as educators. Embrace your talents, the knowledge of others, and the trust in yourself to empower you and others to be all they can be.

Hold onto that feeling of empowerment; We ALL have so much to offer the world, but we have to have a little faith in order to unleash the greatness within us all.

My book, Unleash Talent, will be released in the Summer of 2018 by IMpress and DBC (Dave Burgess Publishing), Inc. Stay tuned to future blog posts here to get more sneak peeks of ideas within my book. #UnleashTalent

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