10 Questions Principals Should Ask Their Staff

In my upcoming book, #UnleashTalent, a major element that I discuss is supporting your staff. Whether you are a principal, teacher, custodian, nurse, secretary, or superintendent, we must support each other as adults to support our kids. Everything trickles down. Happy and supported staff equal happy and supported students.

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If we want to model a culture of support- We first have to LIVE it as adults first with one another, especially if you are a school leader and administrator. What we model becomes our school culture, whether we like it or not. Thought: Is what you are modeling worth catching?

As a school administrator, it is too easy to think you understand the pulse of your building. But, one should never assume anything. In order to get in touch, we must do more than be present. We need to ask more thoughtful questions that can help us, as leaders, gain a variety of perspectives from staff members in various roles. Sometimes, it may feel that some questions you want to ask staff seem silly or redundant. You may even worry that you may be bothering them by asking.

But, the truth is that your colleagues WANT you to ask these questions. Then, most importantly, they want you to take action as a result of what you learned.

Therefore, here are 10 questions to ask staff and colleagues to grow more in your position and to gain more insight on how the pulse of your school is. The feedback you receive due to these questions can be the beginning points of transformation in your school. Be vulnerable, be brave, and start by asking staff members 1:1 a few of these questions and see what happens. Your staff members will appreciate your efforts more than I can even state.

  1. What do you love most about the work you do?
  2. What has been a highlight of something that has happened at work within the last week?
  3. What are your biggest hurdles at work?
  4. How can I support you during these hurdles?
  5. Is there any feedback you can give me on how I am doing in my role?
  6. What am I doing well in? What am I overlooking? How do I need to grow to best meet our staff and students?
  7. What do you feel is the biggest obstacle for our organization as a whole right now?
  8. Do we have an elephant in the room? If so, how might we address it?
  9. Do you believe you have an opportunity to use your talents at work?
  10. How can I help you unleash your talents with students, staff, and the community?

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