Speaking & Consulting

For speaking, presenting, and consulting inquiries, please contact me at karaknollmeyer@gmail.com

I have had the honor to speak and present at conferences, school districts, events, and beyond in a multitude of areas. As you read the session types below, keep in mind that I am happy to tailor my offerings to meet the needs of your participants or any audience, so please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Unleashing the Talents Within You, Staff Members, and Students!
  • Building a Positive and Collaborative School Culture
  • Inspiring Staff, Teacher, and Student Leadership
  • Effective Language Arts Instruction
  • Developing Meaningful Professional Development
  • Purposeful Technology Tools for Learners
  • Social Media for Staff, Students, and School Communities

Keynotes and Workshops


  • Unleash Talent for You, Staff Members, Teachers, and Students!


Talent is underrated. In our school systems, we see our students as talented, but often do not reflect those same thoughts when it comes to ourselves as adults. We often fail to recognize that we as staff members and teachers are the heart of the school; Our talents, strengths, and passions are just as valuable and precious as our students. Just as we teach and reach the whole student, we need to teach and reach the whole adult. Therefore, we need to start finding, noticing, appreciating, embracing, and supporting the talents that our ADULT learners have. Not only will this radically change the school system by boosting teacher retention and happiness, but it will positively shift the way we interact and teach alongside students. No matter what your role is in education, we each have talents waiting to be awakened.

This keynote/session is based on Kara’s book, Unleash Talent: Bringing out the Best in Yourself and the Learners you Serve. Based on what you or your group needs, this keynote/session can be centered on how to bring out the talent in all parties, or it can focus on a singular group: Yourself, Staff, Teachers, or Students!


  • Cultivating a Positive School Culture for Today, Tomorrow, and Years to Come


School Culture is not one more thing to add it to your day- It is the essential piece that must be woven into everything we do, no matter what our roles are. As leaders and educators, we each have to take personal accountability for the energy we bring to the spaces we occupy: Hallways, classrooms, and every inch of our building. Our values and actions have to match up in order for our culture to flourish. Whether we realize it or not, we each are currently setting either a positive or negative tone in our building- And our people are taking notice. Within this session, you will learn the top habits of positive educators and how these educators cultivate a positive and collaborative school culture, not just for today, but for tomorrow and many years to come!


  • Stepping Stones to Harness Staff, Teacher, and Student Leadership


Every single person in our school system has leadership capabilities that they are either untapped or could be taken to another level. How we approach our colleagues and acknowledge their unique strengths and abilities will form a direct correlation to how we can empower their leadership skills. Dive into key stepping stones to harness staff, teacher, and student leadership, while redefining how you view leadership as a whole.


  • Tips and Tools for Administrator Efficiency: How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck so you Can Spend Less Time on Paperwork and More Time Making a Difference


Drowning in paperwork and medial tasks can drown any administrator if they are not careful. It is crucial, that through our hectic and important days, that we build ourselves for efficiency. Within this session, you will see ways to get the biggest bang for your buck, while gaining more of your sanity and happiness back! You will see and receive tips, tools, technology apps, and a multitude of resources I have created that have helped me, as a current administrator, spend more time on building relationships and making a difference, and less time on paperwork!


  • Developing Engaging and Purposeful Teacher Professional Development


With teacher workloads heightening by the year, every minute of teacher professional development (PD) should be valued in gold! Learn how to: Build a meaningful PD vision for your school, properly gain insight from staff members, purposefully plan out PD for the year (and to adjust along the way), empower teachers and staff to lead, and connect your staff’s learning to the tools, resources, and the world around you!


  • Preparing Students for the Digital Age


Empowering students in the digital age that we live in is no easy feat. Moreover, preparing students for the future can be an abstract concept to grasp when technology is ever changing. What do we do and how do we even begin? It all starts with the knowledge of the traits digital kids need to be successful but more importantly giving our kids the chance to share their voice in their journey.


  • Digital Storytelling to Improve Literacy Skills


Learning through story has never been more important than it is today. In this session, participants will: Gain a deeper understanding on the importance of visual literacy for all students, learn creative and simple ways to engage their students in digital storytelling to show content comprehension across the curriculum, and will take ideas and purposeful tech integration tools that you can begin with your students tomorrow!


  • Engage Students, Families, and Staff, with Instagram and/or Twitter


Are you wondering how you can use Instagram and Twitter in the classroom? Would you like to take digital learning for you and your students to the next level? Receive an in-depth look at how to use Instagram and/or Twitter in the classroom safely to engage students and families in ways that will transcend learning for your students. By following simple tips, you can get students excited about school, build endless connections with the world around you, and boost student learning and performance in more ways than you could ever fathom!